Sintra, the Paraiso of the Aristocracy in Portugal with its Palaces and Farms surrounded by an exuberant flora due to its micro-climate uncharacteristic.
We will start ours, leaving Lisbon and arrive at the Palace of Queluz for possible visit. Sintra (UNESCO ) with its many beautiful palaces, geographical, botanical and zoological landscapes, surrounded by its characteristic microclimate that undoubtedly makes Sintra Unique .
Time now to enjoy the center of Sintra, with its alleys and alleyways. In the historic center of Sintra, there are numerous Portuguese handicraft shops.
Time to visit this magical symbol of the romantic in Portugal the Pena Palace or other Palace upon the wishes of our clients in our Tour.
Then our tour takes us through the beautiful Sintra mountain range towards Cascais by Colares, a must stop to visit Cabo da Roca (the westernmost point of the European continent).
Following the Guincho, where the beaches are found, as well as numerous restaurants of fish and sea.
Arriving at the village of Cascais with its beautiful bay of Cascais. Continuing our Tour in just a few minutes we then have the Estoril and we go in the oceandrive until LISBON.


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